Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I just wanna say
How unlikely  you are
Hey, boy, but I like you
And the stretch from truth ain't far

Multicolored lights
Dancing on the wall
Hey boy, but you fascinate
And that's just overall

How about you and me
Take a waltzy twirl
Hey boy, but it's wonderful
And I love the way you whirl

Moving Day

You held my hand and said goodbye
We laughed until we couldn't cry
You held my hand and said goodbye to me

I'm sure I'll miss you anyway
Don't make me be the one to say
I'm sure I'll miss you anyway, my dear

We'll always be the best of friends
No matter how our stories end
We'll always be the best of friends through all

Our lives have been so full of sights
And sounds and tastes and new delights
Our lives have been so full of sights and love

So farewell to you, if just for now
Fondest goodbyes, lowest bow
'Farewell to you, just for now,' you say


Pacing danger streets at night
   Looking for you
   (Looking to fight)

Little girl lost

Dropped down into dirt
      You make me feel high
But I wanna hurt


I.  Attributes
She's quiet,
she smells good
People don't notice her
She loves like it's something to be guilty for
She's willing to let you go
In exchange for just a few seconds,
Even a passing glance
It would be pathetic
Except for the tragedy
She drips sorrow
It's painful to even watch
She's elegant,
reminds me of silk
And expensive lace
A whiff of jasmine perfume
She's leaking at the edges 
With unrequited everythings

II.  As I Watch
You turn away and
With your back toward her
You don't see
or appreciate
The fragile smile she assumes for you
or how
It  breaks
In the fall
halfway between the floor 
And her lips.

III.  Objections
Can you be so cruel?
You don't even notice her!
She's a person!
She's more real than you
How can you be so inconsiderate?
You should be concerned
As if your life depended on it!
Because hers might
And you are stuck

So ignorant


Do you remember Mexico?
How old were we then, twelve?
That place was so loved
It smelled like dust and slow-cooked beans
We caught a toad
We painted dorms
El Sauzal, the willow, the willow
A beaten-up concrete playground
Bright, yellow sun
Red, sticky Fanta
Worn-in smiles adjusting to the smell of strangers
I fell in love with a Mexican boy
We didn't even play soccer together
Watched a movie in a language neither of us spoke
Climbed trees with leaves that needed a rake
Cleaned a nursery room
Told scary stories around a red campfire
Letting the world seep into our veins
Saw the dolphins when we camped at the beach
Named and re-named the tick-ridden dogs
The water was wetter
The air was headier
The sun shined more unrelentingly, more heavenly
The blisters harder-won
The rain more of a blessing
The life so much more tangible and delicious 

Don't Choke

I fought
I caught
I tried
I lied
It didn't work out
Try a new thing
Your scent
Not meant
To steal
My feel
Away, the birds flew away
Dear Austin,
Don't throw
Yourself in front of trains
Your smile
Cuts wheat
From all the lit-up fields
The flow
The show
The things we hang from walls
You know
The drills 
The chills
The thrills
Don't sweat
The things
That we stole from the sea
Your threat
The bet
Why don't they just see for themselves
We whiled
Our time
To things, things, things, things, things
You get
Your kicks
From novelty and svelte foreigners
I like to spy
On people in the library

Deadly Seductive

What if,
Pause, consider
(Can you see the glittering of my eyes?)
Deadly seductive
Because I can feel it
Fire pulsing through my mind
(Cycling though, trapped in my spine)
Deadly Seductive
The temptation
Ever more irresistible 
'Stop clinging to life'
The softest whisperNot just letting go
Not just relinquishing
But jumping
Madly flying
Through the empty space out there
How close can you get
Playing chicken with fate
Deadly Seductive
Flirting with the darkest kind of bogeyman 
(I will not lie and say
That it does not lurk in all of us)

Simeon Sampling Singers

( I don't know if I've already posted this, because I refuse to check)

we're tip tip tipping
tap tap tapping out a rhythm for our breath
sweet ladles laden lady leaden candles
sticks candlesticks
lime sweet ricky baby
rolling rolling heavy cajoling
you want to know you want to know
greens orange peach and parkas
time with only embers
smelling sweet of sand glass green
lightning what a pretty king

The Two of You

I like 
The way I smell like you
When I wear your clothes

The inconvenient plant on Tess' table
And the haunted laundry room at Jess'
(The ghost, we've named him Steve)

I can always be safe, if I want to
When I'm around the two of you

And Tess is always catching me from just around the bend of sanity
When I think that I don't know why I'm slipping
Because I think she knows much more than she lets on
About losing to your dark psychoses

But Jess keeps me in touch,
And I really love her for it,
With her dreams and wishes and driving lessons
And her bold vegan ways in a place that is so unfriendly

Sometimes when I'm alone at home and 
Cabin fever is much too catching
I'll talk to them and it dissipates so easily 
(like gentle mist)

Aside from their assistance, they are beautiful
Their minds are whirling marvels,

And they make me laugh
At awkward intervals 
When everyone else in the room is trying
Oh-so-hard to wear austerity
But I am never ashamed

Hazy Morning

We were content
And the world rushed by us
And wondered at our state
I delighted you somehow
And you'd struck just the right fancy
We laughed, and did not care
For the trite sentiment
They tried to peddle 
And as we sat together
I would watch your words
Slip from your mouth and fall
To the ground
I gathered them up like jewels
And understood, but did not need to 
Enthralled by the light reflecting off of them
Making stained glass patterns
To dance across the air
We filled the holes torn into us
With each others' silences
You were precious to me
I was an addicting distraction for you
Beach-sand, sea-shells
Cherry-blossom paintings
Upon paper umbrellas
You do not complete me
I do not need you, but
You let me complete myself
Unashamed and wild and whole
And what more could we do
This is not love, or ever will be
Not as the majority defines
This is just the essence 
Of the hazy morning
A catalyst for our 
Lifeblood to mingle in

Thursday, May 26, 2011


I like to pretend
With you
Like to pretend
That we're in the jungle
With so much green around us
That it begins to blur into a marvelous haze
Like to pretend
That we're on a mission
That we've got people to save from crocodiles
Like to pretend
That we're better at stomach-crawling
Than we really are
Like to pretend
That our blanket forts
Are impenetrable
Are invincible
Are age-old castles

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

These are just the lyrics to one of my favorite songs

Because among other things, I'm into whiny indie love songs, too. I guess. Or maybe it's just this one. I dunno.

You Will Love This Song -- Amber Rubarth
You always loved the colors and the details, so here's mine:
I snuck out down a dark 17th Street late last night.
I took my little orange book lamp and the notebook with the stars on the front,
The sleeping bag that my ex gave to me to keep me warm,
And a black fountain pen to write the words that it was too late to say out loud.

And my eyes turned green, like they do when I'm crying,
And my heart, it went to blue 'cause you told me that I might not be
What you need, you want to try more out, but you're the only thing
I can't stop thinking about.

Yeah, I like you a lot.. and I think it's worse than that.

You said you love it when all the words in a song move really fast and your ears have to choose just one little phrase to hold on to.
And you love it when all the chords are really simple so you can play it on the guitar, and then when it goes to a funny one at the end you like that too (insert funny chord here).
And so I'll build you a song, and I know you're gonna love it 'cause I'm putting in all the pieces that you said you wanted in it
And I'm writing it here in my room in just my underwear and an orange t-shirt 'cause I know that you'd think that was hot.

Yeah hot, like that day that you called sick for work
Because we'd stayed out too late at The Cheesecake Factory the night before
And we held hands on the beach, and I found that crab in a funny shell,
And you took video of me holding it up by the newly painted blue motel.
And you said "I like you a lot" and I thought 'Well, this couldn't get much better.'

You said you were so happy you met me when you did 'cause you were starting to think you didn't like people.
And you told me that when I moved that I could still stay in your room for weeks.
But now I'm wondering if I imagined it or if it was ever really there
'Cause they say even in magic nothing truly disappears,
It just gets stuffed up somebody's sleeve or behind their hand or on top of their head..
And you forgot to keep your eye on it, you were looking down instead.

So now I'm the fool up on stage at the magic show
Searching the deck for my card while everyone laughs because they know
That it's in plain sight to see, yeah it's stuck on your forehead,
But I can't think you're mean 'cause I volunteered to be misled.

Yeah 'cause I like you a lot.. but I don't really know what to do with it now.

And I like you a lot.. but I didn't think it'd hurt this bad.

And I like you a lot.. and we both know that it's worse than that.

Do it.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

You said you liked
my words
my poetry
my brain
and I like you
and I like your mother
even though she's crazy
and echoes you from before she was old