Saturday, October 20, 2012

Uncertain lonely

Until I remember you
have gone. To find
Somebody new.
a richness of marten,
an obstinacy of buffalo,
a romp of otters,
and a shrewdness of apes

a listing of numbers,
a listing of beats,
a listening of 

lost sometimes in the dark conventions of a heart

S - a Capricorn,
I - a Taurus,
J - a Gemini,
Tyler's a Virgo

[M - a Pisces, but only just; C - an Aquarius]

thinking about how I always loved you
and never in the way you wanted

You're hard to run with

telltale, my pulse in my fingertips
buryable and shot with sienna shot
with bittersweet blush

giveaway widened eyes
eyebrows high before you can slow
them up, slow them cool

toes tapping typewriter time
tossing rhythm about, a plaything, the running cadence
of your breath, of your bloodbeat, of pavement underfoot

we can't see past the pathway bends
and I don't feel compelled to know
this time

Friday Rose

a young man gave me a rose (on Friday)
after the laughingest time I'd had with him
it's going to die, anyway he muttered (as an excuse,
as an introduction) to the rose
everything dies was my consolation in exchange
it's the best flower I've ever been given
made sweet not by scent but by
lack of expectation, 
lack of anticipation,
the goodness-just-for-goodness that was
his motivation
I perched it in a teacup in the windowsill at home