Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ninoryck root

 we made sandwiches with our hair-
trickling braids-down-our-backs
 no plant blocking sunlight
  plugging lungs
   licking egg-whites
 lined up linoleum
  lotion with lanolin stolen from lambs
lion-gold tresses dirtied yellow at the ends
    (and I long for softrounded
     pencil chalk draw-
     ings oozing out ink
     ink bred from sin)
 dull knife pulling hand
  slick snick-snaring mayonnaise 
matching up with our very own teeth
 we slept willy nilly king
-style medley up our dreams
   with oil etchings
carving sweet ninoryck
    (and it was a good breakfast
     to be had at morning 12
     knowing like the moon did
     that for a dance of wheels
     a crown may glow)